Hot Karate

by Hot Karate

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written/ arranged by
rob krauss & hot karate.
mastering by max allyn.
cover art by justin pape.
recorded/edited/mixed/produced by cyrus ghahremani.
copyright 2011


released November 11, 2011

rob krauss : guitar
kyle morrison : bass
adam subhas : drums
cyrus ghahremani : guitar and vocals


all rights reserved



Hot Karate Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Dance of Apology
you look into the mind
you know just what you see
the hangups of a child
no security

don't tell me you feel for me
i don't need an apology

[solo - ghahremani]
Track Name: Hot Karate
empty mind and empty pockets
who will you be? the first in line?
the new is getting old
it's nothing but a funeral
what they sang will never last
we're your only chance

empty mind and empty conscience
unprepared to cross the line
you are getting old
planning your own funeral
the charade will never last
we're your only chance

[solo - krauss]
[solo - ghahremani]
Track Name: Frank Binaca, Private Eye
i can see you through the blinds
and i can hear you through the mutes
the thing that i am searching for is not the truth
but what else can i do?

i can taste the scent of light
that's why i am a private eye
the thing that i am searching for
it might be you, but what else can i do?

i have caught you in the nude
as i am captured i elude
the thing that i am searching for
eternal youth is nothing you can choose

i delight in what i find
that's why i am a private eye
the thing that i am searching for
it must be you, there's nothing you can do

someone is calling my bluff
the billboards are bearing my name
why am i never enough
as hard as i try, wasting your time
some private eye
Track Name: Caliphate: Book I
[solo - ghahremani]
Track Name: Caliphate: Book II
let's start a war
between the armies and the poor
buried in the sand
the monarch is no more
who is left to answer to you now?
can't believe it's come so far
look around every town
caliphate is coming down

[solo - ghahremani]
[solo - krauss]
Track Name: Who Would Jesus Do?
come gather around me
i'm testing your dignity
pretend it is symbolism
preach it if you please
and taste the irony

watch me turn your wine into water
i will go home with your daughters
and i'll have them on their knees
they'll do anything for me

watch me cause you've waited all this time
now your savior has arrived
and you'll finally know the truth
yeah, that the what was really who

[solo - ghahremani]

say my name again
come and worship me again
i need you to kneel again
nail me to the cross again
Track Name: Midnight Merkin
Track Name: Peruvian Loveslave
you're living with another guy
little house down by the sea
i guess he's a doctor now

while i sit here in hollywood
sleeping through all my dreams
blowing cash on everything
you can't buy what i need

hopeless and unemployed, dreaming of integrity
is that what you think of me?
while you're dying in hollywood
think of a better scene
when i gave you everything you left nothing for me

you had my heart but i gave it away
love doesn't come free, it's more like a slave
you had my soul but i'd sell it today
love doesn't come free, it's more like a slave

but i'll catch another plane
to the south american dream
i'm going to peru and i'm never coming back for you

[solo - krauss]

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